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Mass Effect 3 has an outstanding multiplayer mode and its popularity made the guys from BioWare to resurrect it in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Scheduled to hit the shelves two months from now, the game’s developer didn’t provide us with much insight of what should we expect from the upcoming game but its producer Mike Gamble had the good will to shed some light.

Gamble stated that the multiplayer mode in Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a strong link to the normal campaign mode as it will seriously impact the story. According to him, those who want to access the multiplayer mode while playing the single player campaign at the same time will encounter a smooth transition between them with few significant changes as to confer the feeling of playing the same game.

The missions will be tailored around the planet Helios which will include a story that is wrapped around a larger narrative. Mass Effect fans stated that they’d rather have the modes unaltered so Gamble reassured them that the content which they’ve unlocked in the multiplayer mode will still be made available for access in the single player campaign as well.

This connection to the campaign for the multiplayer mode has had us hyped ever since being revealed but some questions still remain unanswered. We are not sure yet if the game will include a micro-transactions section similar to the one seen on EA’s sports games for more content to be unlocked via multiplayer mode.

We cannot do anything but wait for further information regarding how these two modes will interact with each other and judging from the hype it has been building for the past couple of months it is sure not to disappoint.