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After months of waiting and not receiving any kind of Jailbreak solution from the usual sources, iPhone users have finally receive the Yalu Jailbreak tool courtesy of Luca Todesco. This tool works through the 10.1 build for Apple’s iOS, with no current palpable proof of any iOS 10.2 jailbreaking tool in the making.

If you are a Jailbreak veteran you know how helpful Cydia tweaks can be. Any newcomers are more than welcomed to learn this first hand as we present you a couple of useful Cydia tweaks that could ease your life as far as using your iPhone goes, and definitely will make the most out of the fact that you have jailbroken your device. Let’s see what fresh Yalu users can get.

Apps Manager

This handy tweak will allow you to do as you please with information stored on your iPhone. Whether you want to delete, backup, restore or share any particular piece of data, you can do so effortlessly with this nifty tweak for Cydia.


This wallpaper enhancing tweak will make sure that your brand new cool wallpaper will get noticed. Normally, iPhone users can relate to the pain of not being able to see their fresh wallpapers due to all the app icons that are covering it. This tweak makes it so the app icons are faded so that the wallpaper is perfectly visible while the phone is in Idle. When the phone is active again, the icons go back to normal.

iCleaner Pro Beta

Just like an apartment, cleaning up a phone can be very satisfying ( not the actual process, but the end result). This tweak can help you get past the process with ease and get straight to that great feeling of having a fresh phone.