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Google’s VoIP service entitled Google Voice was somehow left alone by the large tech giant in favor of other applications made by them but it now seems that it is going to receive a long awaited update. A handful of users reported that an upgrade link was being made available on the web version paired with a link.

The announcement must’ve been posted ahead of time as clicking the link wouldn’t install the update. This comes as a good sign for Google Voice users as they have been thinking that Google is focusing more in favor of other communications apps such as Hangouts and the likes of Allo and Duo.

Google’s upgrade link was made available via a banner which popped up when users logged on into their account stating “The new Google Voice is here. TRY NOW” but with no result as it only made the page to refresh.

This service hasn’t been updated in a long time making it give the impression of being left a bit behind as tech specialists believe it hasn’t received the attention of Google developers in some years. Its updates have been a little bit off despite the service’s potential. The tech giant’s decision not to invest in this service has allowed other apps to gain ground such as Burner and the newcomer Listen.

After a lot of reports Google has finally confirmed that they have some updates in mind regarding Google Voice but no further details were provided about their strategy when it comes to its communication apps.

We can only wait and see what Google is preparing for us but we sure hope that the company should come with something innovative as communication applications are a vital part of our everyday lives nowadays.

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