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Google Maps has proven useful for many of those who travel. It’s a cheaper alternative to spending money for a GPS device. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can start navigating to your destination with Maps. Just like many apps, Maps is subject to several updates for improvements to its features or enhancements to security. The most recent update that users can try on their Android devices is version 9.43.0. Here the changes in that version:

Adding a shortcut to Contributions screen

Your Contributions is one of the many features of Google Maps, and with this update, you can add a shortcut on the home screen to this feature. If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, you are familiar with the use of shortcuts. They can be created by the user to make it easier for them to access certain applications, files or folders. That same approach applies to creating a shortcut for the Contributions. Creating the shortcut is done by opening the Contribute tab then using the banner located at the top or using the overflow menu located on the top right.

Adding notifications for bookings

There’s a new toggle menu item under the People & Places section in Google Maps. The new menu item is called Bookings and it’s in connection with a new service called Reserve with Google. This new service helps users find fitness studios and let them make a booking through Maps (this is also available in Search). However, the service only works in certain cities in the USA.

Removing the “Adding your photos” notification setting

This is a toggle menu item intended for seeing suggestions for what photos to post. There was no clear reason why this option was removed from this particular version. It may have been incorporated into another feature but there is no confirmation of that, yet. In short, this feature was removed and no reason was given for it.

Google Maps constantly comes out with new features aimed at helping users find establishments and places with ease. Those who are interested in this beta version can download an APK through trusted sources.

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