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One of the most famous handheld consoles ever is the Nintendo DS. It is as valuable as other leading products out there, which include the PSP and the Game Boy. There might be some great games for the NDS system and it is sometimes easier to keep the games on the phone than carrying around a secondary device for playing them.

However, there are not so many options, as the development of the platform for a Nintendo DS emulator might just be a little niche. Good thing though there are still some Nintendo DS emulators for Android that would work great. Here are some of them.


This one is among the newer Nintendo DS emulators that hit the market. There were just a few features, which include custom button layouts, cheat codes, performance tweaks, and screen display options to achieve smoother gameplay. Upon making some tests, it played most of the ROMs without much trouble, with the exception of some with a little stuttering.


Another NDS emulator that is offered for free is the nds4droid, which has been around for a long time now. The developer has still been supporting it. Despite some issues surrounding it, it is still getting better. Basically, it has some features like loading and saving states, along with some performance tweaks, which include frame skip to make games play with more speed.


One of the newer Nintendo DS emulators available in the market is the NDS Boy, which is referred to as the decent one. First off, it has some above average capability for its ROM, including some features like customizable controls, as well as some basic stuff such as load and save states. Moreover, it is compatible with NDS game files, which include 7z, rar, zip, and nds files.

DraStic DS Emulator

Arguably, the most stable DS emulator available is the DraStic DS emulator. During initial tests, it played practically every game, with the exception of some that didn’t perform well. Basically, the emulator comes with a host of features, which include controller customization, screen layout customization, fast forward, support for hardware controllers, and Google Drive support. Devices that are high-end should be able to enjoy some improved graphics rendering if they choose so. It may not be free, but it is practically a good emulator.


Free emulators might not get so many appreciation, as it might lack some key features. Truth is, there is an open source emulator that has a number of available systems, including Game Boy, SNES, PlayStation, and Nintendo DS. Although it might be a bit complex than others, as it will require each emulator with core forms that should be downloaded and added to the app to be able to play those games. This is free to download and use. Since it is also open source, you should use this without having to worry if others are not able to play the games that you desire.

The abovementioned emulators are just a few of the best NDS emulators that you can play for Android. Feel free to try them according to your own preference.

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