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Another year, another competition. What competition? Well, we’re talking about the tablet competition of course. Each ear the biggest manufacturers bring forth their newest iterations of popular device series or even completely new ones. Ultimately, users judge these products and then choose one to replace their current handset. In this article we are going to observe how the Galaxy Tab S3 differs from the iPad Air 3. Both are 2017 releases and come with compelling specs. Let’s see just which one is more compelling than the other.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 comes with multiple versions in terms of screen sizes. We are looking at 8 inch and 9.7 inch models. The internal specs include a Snapdragon 652 processing unit courtesy of Qualcomm and 3 GB of RAM to sweeten up the deal, and 32 GB of internal storage. There is also a 4000 mAH battery unit that will keep everything going.

Apple iPad Air 3

On the other hand we have Apple’s latest device, which features a 9.7 inch display. It is considered a smaller iPad Pro and comes with a 32 GB storage cap. There is also an A9 and A9X processing chip combo that is paired with 3 GB of RAM. A lot of the premium features that come with this tablet aren’t seen in the spec section. Instead, 3D Touch capabilities as well as 4K support make the Air 3 a worthy device.

At a first glance it looks like both devices have nice things to offer, so ultimately the user must decide which is better suited for what they need. The price tag that comes with each unit can also play a very important factor for a lot of customers, so the extra features might or might not be worth the extra digits on the price tag.