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Windows 10 Creators Update is just around the corner and Microsoft added up to the hype this Monday when they’ve released the Insider Preview Build 15002. This build comes along with a lot of improvement which include the likes of updates which can be paused, app throttling and a Green Screen of Death. We broke down the most important ones to make you have a clear understanding of what this update has to bring.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

A lot of people have been using Microsoft Edge ever since its release and despite being not so popular when it was first made available it still continues to improve. With this update, the browser features a tab preview bar as well as a tool to resume tabs which were set aside. The browser now auto blocks Flash Player and will not run it unless you re-enable it manually.

Organized Start Menu

Microsoft is now allowing its users to run a cleaner and more organized version of the Start Menu and Notifications Drawer, a feature somehow similar to that encountered on Windows 10 phones. You can now drop several tiles in a custom folder.

Blue Light Management

Blue Light side effects are believed to cause problems such as obesity and cancer as well as disrupting our normal sleeping patterns. The new Build allows Windows 10 users to dim out the blue light via a new menu within the Settings department.

Improved Cortana

Microsoft have gone a long way with Cortana as it continuously receives upgrades and with the Preview Build 15002 it can now auto-suggest commands based on your typing as it eases the way in which you figure out what to do next. One can also schedule monthly reminders for bill payments and important events which are of repetitive nature.