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This year is presenting itself as the toughest one yet for smartphone manufacturers as the competition grows more fierce day after day rumors hit the internet. HTC is among these manufacturers and the future looks as bright as ever for them with a new device entitled HTC Ocean Note.

HTC is looking to redeem their place among top smartphone manufacturers with their new device and according to reporters, it suffered a complete overhaul from its previous models. A lot of leaks have surfaced online and it’s promising to have flagship status.

Rumor has it that the HTC Ocean Note is going to have a dual camera setup which is believed to smash all records on DxOmark thus continuing the trend that Google’s Pixel lineup has started. The device is said to come in three color schemes which are Black, White and Blue.

Following the iPhone trend it is believed that the HTC Ocean Note will ditch its 3.5mm headphone jack as more and more manufacturers from the premium sector are doing so as well. It is also believed that HTC Ocean Note will come sporting an edge to edge display with a button free interface.

Top and bottom bezels seem to be extraordinarily thin for a device like this. Not only do these features make us eager for an announcement which will happen quite soon. Being a HTC device it is surely to come equipped with advanced audio capabilities powered by a strong processor in the likes of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, paired with 8GB of RAM and a price tag of $700.

HTC are looking to demolish their competition and tech giants such as Apple and Samsung are expected to come out with something big for their next flagship devices in order to beat this device.