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The Google Play Store app is one of the most important ones you can have installed on your device. Sure, there a lot of other app you need and use a lot more frequent than the Play Store, but the latter is what helps you keep all the others up to date. Through the Play Store you can also check out news about what the latest hot apps are, and also what kind of apps that are available might interest you.

The Play Store itself is a lot different now than it was when it was first introduced to the Android community. Now, it got another update that even though small in size, can do some good. The feature in question is the ability to see which of the chart topping apps in Google’s Play Store are already installed onto your device.  This is achieved through a toggle that was placed on top of the top charts screen. The “ Show installed apps” toggle lets users do just that. When the toggle is switched to ON, users will be able to see a list containing all apps in the top, even if you have them installed or not. On the other hand, disabling the effect has a reverse effect. By turning off the toggle users are able to view a list of apps that excludes those which are already installed on that particular device.

If you spend a fair amount of time on the Google Play Store then you know that you can lose yourself through the sea of apps, even if it’s a top chart. This new feature will help prevent that and also reduce the time you need to check out the chart topping app list since you won’t have to go through those that are already installed.