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Multiple people have reported a reoccurring problem with downloading apps from Google’s Play Store. To be more specific, when they try to download something the client says “ Download Pending”. Of course, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with that if the download would actually be pending. Unfortunately, that’s not the case as even when there are no other downloads in progress some get the “pending” error.

Recent changes made to the same Play Store by Google have affected how the client processes download requests and therefore ends up not downloading your apps. There is an easy way to fix this however, and in this article we will visit that solution so that anyone having this issue can resume their downloads.

First off, you need to clear your download queue so there are no interferences. To do that just visit the Play Store and swipe towards the middle of the screen from the right side. From the available options go to My Apps and Games. Tapping on each individual app that is shown there as being downloaded will give you access to an X button you can use to clear the download.

Some users might find success just from that first step, but if that’s not your case move on to the Settings page on your device. From there, go to the Play Store section and use the Clear Cache and Clear Data options. These will wipe your stored Play Store data and give you a start fresh in that sense. (Only informational data for the Play Store app will be cleared, so there’s no danger of losing important files).

If you’ve completed these tasks, you should be having no problem downloading from the Play Store. If you find yourself in the situation of not being able to download from the Play Store again in the future, you can always re-use this method.