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Final Fantasy XV can boast with having one of the largest world to explore in the industry but a video has recently surfaced online which clearly points out to the fact that it can and might be even bigger in the near future.

A youtuber who goes by the name of Fotm Hero took his time to make a video in which he explores areas of the game which normally wouldn’t have been accessible. In order to do this he used an out of bounds bug and recorded it all in an hour long video.

The video takes off somewhere in Cartanica before changing the scenery towards Eusciello, Pagla and finally Tenebrae. Only Cartanica offers some usable terrain in opposition to the other ones not being fully loaded with usable space.

In order to access the previously mentioned zones he had to avoid a fairly long loading screen as they do not provide a lot of terrain to work with. Final Fantasy XV still has a lot to offer and as far as Fotm Hero is concerned he stated that he’ll try to find a way to directly jump from Tenebrae or Gralea to somewhere else using the same glitch.

The developers of Final Fantasy XV haven’t stated anything regarding the uncharted terrain and popular opinion believes that these areas were initially implemented to be part of the final issue of Final Fantasy XV but access to them was cut down.

Another opinion is that of this terrain might be added in a future downloadable content as Square Enix, the developer of Final Fantasy XV stated that they have extensive plans for post-launch support regarding updates which come with no price tag and DLCs.