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During CES 2017, attendees had the chance to see the newest BlackBerry device. The company’s latest endeavor is the BlackBerry Mercury smartphone which is packed with some goodies that aren’t available for other competing devices. Since the project is still under careful preparation, everything was done with complete secrecy, meaning that people who were able to take a better look at it at CES 2017 aren’t allowed to actually talk about what they’ve seen regarding BlackBerry Mercury. We do however know a couple of things about it, and while it’s not nearly enough to consider it a definitive purchase, it’s enough to spark some curiosity in both oldschool mobile phone users as well as the new generations that were better exposed to smartphones.

Probably the feature that took everyone by surprise was the inclusion of a QWERTY physical keyvoard on the front panel of the device. This is BlackBerry’s chance to make a return to the top with something they are comfortable, as by now it is pretty obvious that they weren’t able to successfully make the transition between physical keyboards and fully digital keyboards. Unlike QWERTY keyboards of old, however, the one featured on BlackBerry Mercury is capable of reading touch gestures. BlackBerry also tried to release two Android smartphones in the past but the attempt was unsuccessful in terms of popularity. The same goes for the PRIV and Passport models which weren’t able to meet expectations.

This device seems to be attempting a more radical and original approach on smartphones and the exterior design at least evokes premium quality with its metal finish. It will be interesting to see what users will be able to get from purchasing this handset. The device was already unveiled at CES 2017 so it should’t be extremely long before we actually get more information on what’s under the hood.