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For several months, people have been anxiously awaiting a jailbreaking tool for the iOS 10 software. It was thought it would be available after Apple released its 10.2 firmware. It was believed that Pangu was working on it and was waiting for 10.2 to be released so it would still be ahead of Apple.

It’s appeared to be the worst case scenario for people waiting on the Jailbreaking tool. Apple is carrying out a seventh phase of testing for the 10.2 beta. It appears some changes and implementations have occurred, which makes the whole OS unable to be hacked.

Pangu and other jailbreaking teams have said nothing since the release of iOS 10.2, and no solution has been made available to quench the community’s desires for a jailbreaking tool.

There’s been a slight glimmer of hope from Luca Todesco, a lone developer, who said iPhone users would have to switch to the iOS 10.1.1. build. There’s potential for a jailbreaking tool if this is true. Todesco ranted about the Google Project Zero, in which he said there was a kernel root exploit that could lead to a crack in the iOS.

With some renewed hope, the iPhone community is hoping Todesco will come up with a jailbreaking tool for the iOS 10.