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Notwithstanding Samsung’s last year debacle with its Galaxy Note 7 series they are moving ahead at full speed with this series as reports have it that they will not ditch its branding despite the critics addressed to them. We are here to shed some light regarding the future Note device over how it will perform and some information about specs and features.

Virtual Assistant

It is heavily rumored that the new Galaxy Note 8 will future the same virtual assistant rumored in the Galaxy S8 smartphone as it is being developed by Viv Labs, a startup which created Apple’s Siri. The company was purchased by Samsung some time ago and they are stating that Samsung will become a key player when it comes to artificial intelligence.

USB Type-C

It seems like the common USB hub is a thing of the past as more and more devices upgrade to the USB Type-C, feature which was also present on the Note 7. Experts believe that most devices which will be launched this year will sport this connection as it allows for faster charging and data transfer but also most of all the Galaxy Gear VR supports this connection.

Dual Edge Curves

Being the pioneer when it comes to dual-edge curved screens, Samsung has attracted a lot of customers as per this feature encountered in S6 and S7 Edge series. It is most likely that this feature will be present in the future Note generation as well.

Iris Scanner

Another important piece of technology is the iris scanner which made its debut on the Note 7 and it is believed to be retained on the Note 8. It offers a lot of options when it comes to security as theft is a major issue among smartphones and it will also enable you to make payments.

Regarding the device’s release date it will be likely to be announced in the third quarter of this year well ahead of the iPhone 8 and after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 series. Pricing wise, it will surely retain the price tag of the previous generation as a goodwill gesture to its customers.