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Being considered one of the best mid-range smartphones in 2016, the Samsung Galaxy A5 sure was a hit among customers but now you can purchase a Galaxy S6 for pretty much the same price. We’ve come up with a comparison to give you the all important information on which device you should purchase.


There are many resemblances between the two devices and an untrained eye could pretty much believe both of them are virtually the same. The A5 is however a tad taller and doesn’t have the refined round corners of which the S6 benefits from.

Both smartphones are built using a combination of metal and glass with silver edges.  It doesn’t even matter what differentiates both devices in terms of look because for us they look brilliant from whatever angle one is looking from.


When it comes to features they are also similar as they come equipped with a fingerprint button embedded in the home button which confers a quick access the devices. The protection of data which is present on the respective phones is as secure at it can get. A small difference is made by the S6’s heart rate sensor build in its backside.


When it comes to its screen the Samsung Galaxy S6 takes home the crown despite being slightly smaller in size due to its 5.1 inch Quad HD Resolution whilst the A5 rocks a 5.2 screen but only with a Full HD panel. No noticeable differences can be stated on a first glance if the phones were to be put side by side. Both of them are Super AMOLEDs with support from the South Korean tech giant’s Adaptive Display software.


When it comes to performance the S6 trumps the A5 in every aspect as it rocks the homegrown Exynos processor as opposed to the A5’s midrange Snapdragon 615 chipset. Regarding battery life, Samsung Galaxy A5 is hands down the winner as its lower specs mean a better power consumption, offering twice the life of a Galaxy S6.


The best camera phone is hands down the S6 as it comes with HDR built into the auto mode for crisper, brighter and even snaps. Samsung Galaxy A5’s camera isn’t far back at all as it can produce pretty good details on itself. Another impressive feat is that they are both impressively fast as the button is tapped to take a shot.