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When it comes to the popularity of WhatsApp, there’s no question as to why. It’s a widely used app that can be accessed on all platforms and can be downloaded for use on QWERTY-type phones like the Nokia Asha 200 and 201 along with phones that use Java.

But, when installing WhatsApp on Asha phones, there’s a different method for both.

WhatsApp Download and Installation Process For The Asha 200 Phone

What You Need To Do First

You want to first, before you download the file, to have at least 8 MB of free space – to download the file and then to browse. If you have to delete items, go for it.

You also want to get rid of the second SIM card if you have one.

Downloading The File

  • Using your computer, open your favorite browser to look for the Nokia Asha 200 WhatsApp apk
  • Download the program to your computer. There will be two files you get – WhatsApp_Messenger.jad and WhatsApp_Messenger.jar.
  • Move these files from your computer to the memory card on the Nokia Asha.
  • Look for the downloaded files on your phone, copying them to your Apps or Games folder. Be sure you don’t have any duplicate files before going on with the installation process.
  • Hit the button that allows you to open “Options” then hit “Update Version.”
  • Once the download is finished, you’ll be prompted to start the installation process. Hit “yes” when you get the “Open File Now, File Downloaded To My Apps.”
  • Type your phone number when the WhatsApp screen loads. Don’t add in the 0 to your phone number
  • Hit “Yes” or “Accept” when you’re asked to verify your number via the SMS verification. Finish the setup process by typing in your WhatsApp ID. This is what people see in the contact list. Hit “Next” when you’re prompted.
  • You can begin using WhatsApp now.

There will be two files you’ll need to download, but they must be done from another phone or computer. You can download Java files right to your computer.

WhatsApp Download and Installation Process For The Asha 201 Phone

Go To Official Website

  • Use your Nokia Asha 201 phone to open a browser.
  • Type in
  • Be sure you follow the instructions to download and install the app.

Using The Nokia Store

  • Go into your Nokia Store app and find the S40 WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Click on it to begin the downloading and installation process.

If you want to have better voice calls, be sure you get the WhatsApp 2.13.26 Nokia Asha version.

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