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According to some new rumors, Microsoft is now preparing to release the Surface 5 handset. The company will probably launch this device sometime in the first quarter of 2017 and it will surely attract a good amount of customers.

It seems that Apple will bring some awesome products in 2017, which will surely boost the sales. A new iPad Pro will be released that will benefit from improved software and hardware, an edge-to-edge display, a new chipset and many more. There are also rumors which say that the iPad Air 3 will hit the stores this year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specifications and Features

The Surface Pro 5 will be a 2-in-1 device that will be released along with a magnetic charging stylus. To make things even better, it will feature a 4K Ultra HD display and it will be powered by an Intel Kaby Lake processor. The device will come with a 512GB+ SSD and it will have 16GB of RAM, which will make sure that you can multitask. The Surface Pro 5 will also feature an USB Type-C port, which will support Thunderbolt 3.

Apple iPad Air 3: Specifications and Features

The Apple iPad Air 3 will come with an Apple Pen, which will make it a direct competitor to other tablets such as the Surface range from Microsoft. The handset will support 3D Touch technology on a 4K screen. There are rumors which say that the iPad Air 3 will also come with some features that are currently available on the iPhone 7 such as the dual-camera layout. It is believed that the device will feature an A9X chipset and 3GB of RAM.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and Apple iPad Air 3 will be two handsets that will most likely be sold well in 2017. Now the question is: which one of them will be sold better?