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A lot of rumors were surfacing this week as gamers around the world have seen a sneak peak of how the hit game will deal with DLC after it will be launched. A handful of details were leaked by Aaryn Flynn of BioWare concerning the future of Mass Effect content.

One big hint which targets the future of Mass Effect: Andromeda was released by Flynn via Twitter in response of some series of questions posted by fans. The game is set to hit the shelves this March and more importantly it will not feature a season pass for DLC.

He was directly asked if Mass Effect: Andromeda will have a potential season pass and Flynn bluntly denied the answer, simply stating that it will not. This comes as a great piece of news as more and more developers opt for introducing this feature only for racking up their earnings. Some other game studios such as Ubisoft have also stated they will follow the same path as they will make players earn money by buying them rather than being something pre-scheduled in opposition to being already included on the disk.

Aaryn Flynn also stated that DLC isn’t out of the cards for the hit game as more information will be revealed at a later date in regard to their post-launch plans. Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to be launched in a couple of months and it is heartwarming to see that a gaming studio as BioWare is actually putting the focus where it should be put, that of focusing on the main part of the game rather than more options for them to earn money.

Another piece of information stated by Flynn was that Mass Effect: Andromeda will not have Arabic supported in the early stages of the launch. There is a possibility that it will be looked up but it will not feature when it first launces

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