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The all awaited Dragon Event hit live servers on January the 7th and players can now benefit from large discounts and rewards. This is not all because on January 10th a new 2X Star Bonus Event will feature and the name explains it all.

Supercell is issuing event after event after the Christmas one just ended. The Dragon Event stands for players to use at least three dragons in multiplayer fights as they’ve going to bank 300XP and 30 gems if they win for three consecutive attacks.

Dragons are to be found at a discounted price of 2,500 Elixir down from 25,000 from this specific event and they are expected to gather up enough of them to make this event much easier. Notwithstanding this event, Supercell has announced another event which is dubbed 2X Star Bonus which stands for double loot earnings if one player manages to gather five or more stars in a multiplayer battle.

They haven’t announced when the 2X Star Bonus event will end but it will surely benefit players who are in high-level leagues just because they will make bank a lot easier as earnings are scarce as you go up through the levels.

Clash of Clans’ developer Supercell is clearly doing its job as the Winter Update has brought a lot of events like these and it seems they are going to continue this trend, thus making it extra worthwhile for players to enjoy the game more.

Another big piece of news is that Supercell is going to give players a lot of rewards as the game will mark its 5th anniversary as it was launched in August 2012. Clash of Clans has witnessed a continuous evolution throughout the years and it looks like it’s not going to stop anytime soon.