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If you’re into streaming boxes and Android TV in general, we have a new opportunity for you. Courtesy of DISH Network, a new device has hit the market. Named AirTV Player, this DISH streaming box brings forth Android TV and its features, as well as Sling TV, which is Dish’s proprietary platform. There are multiple features and options available for those that opt for an AirTV Player, such as watching live content through the device’s streaming service or content that you might have recorded prior.

There are several packages that can be acquired. The box itself is just the standard purchase. If you want to enhance your experience by adding a TV tuner, you will be able to get live TV stations directly on your device through an internet connection. This is highly convenient and reduces the amount of effort you have to put in before getting access to everything you want to watch.

On top of SlingTV, the box will also feature the popular Netflix popular which is garnering more and more attention due to both incorporated titles and original productions. To control the device, you will be able to use the included remote control which operates on a Bluetooth connectivity. The device comes with great features that justify its price, but some people are already using the SlingTV platform. For that set of customers that will go for the AirTV streaming box, the deal is even sweeter since they will only have to buy the box and SlingTV will be deducted from the total price. Getting a streaming box for just $50 and benefiting from services like Netflix is certainly a lot of people will take into consideration when debating whether or not to buy the product.