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It’s extremely annoying when you want to watch a video on YouTube, but it crashes when you click on the link. Also, when you find an interesting game online and want to play it, you realize that you can’t do that because you haven’t installed the right software. Sometimes, videos and games crash even with Adobe Flash Player installed on your device. But what’s causing these errors? Maybe it’s because you don’t keep the player up to date.

If you “forget” to update Adobe Flash player, you’re constantly seeing notifications popping up when you surf the internet. Most likely, you ignore them and wonder why you’re having problems viewing videos or playing games embedded into websites. No, your PC or Mac is not resetting or deleting your files, but Adobe releases new updates for its flash in order to work properly and if you ignore these alerts, your computer will continue to have problems playing these types of files.

It is known that Adobe Flash Player’s days are numbered because companies are switching to HTML5 as it’s more secure, but it’s important to update the software and prevent hackers from gaining control of your device. Flash has many vulnerabilities and the developers are working hard to fix them, and every once in a while, Adobe and Microsoft are rolling out security patches and the latest version came with a few fixes and improvements. We advise you to install this security update as soon as possible, or else you’ll risk being targeted by hackers, in the worst case scenario, because critical vulnerabilities will lead to security breaches and the attackers will execute unauthorized code.

It’s very simple to update Adobe Flash Player. Mac users will simply go to, where they select the OS and the Adobe version they want to install on their unit, then click the Install button and wait until the update finishes installing. It’s not that hard to update Flash Player on PC, either, as users will visit the same page and make the appropriate selections, then hit Install button.