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Smartphone manufacturers have withdrawn their support for Adobe software on versions above and including Android 4.1. This didn’t came as surprising as Adobe were known to have a lot of security and stability issues, being a favorite target for cyber attackers.

Some important software manufacturers have totally withdrawn Adobe from their kits as they are favoring the transition of web browsing to HTML 5 which is more advantageous in terms of security, stability and speed of browsing. If you still consider that you want Adobe Flash on your smartphone device we’ve come up with some easy steps to follow in order to install it.

If one finds himself owning a smartphone like the Google Nexus, you’ll be in for some bad luck if you’re an Adobe fan. There are still a boatload of websites which run videos, games and other multimedia apps which make use of Adobe Flash to run them and that might be regarded as a problem to some.

To do that, head over to a specialized software download site and make sure you get yourself the Adobe Flash Player APK from there. Before you’ve done that though you have to go through your device’s Settings menu and check the Allow installation from other sources box.

Once the download is finished, click on the notification box and tap the APK to get it installed on your Android device. After the installation process is complete, you’ll have to make use of a third party internet browser such as Firefox or Dolphin. Chrome doesn’t work as it has cut out the support for Flash plugins.

After you’ve done that scroll down to the Content section on your browser, go to Plugins and set it back to enabled. That’s all that you’ll have to do in order to enjoy what Adobe Flash Player has to offer.