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Microsoft has realized that it’s losing ground in front of Sony, because the Xbox One sales were bad and the company started offering discounts and freebies, hoping that fans will be lured by the deals. Meanwhile, Microsoft has released the Xbox One S with a sleeker design, a cheaper price and a better performance. If you happen to live in the UK, now you have the chance to buy the gaming console for £30 less.

While the Xbox One supports1080p, the new Xbox One S upscales games to 4K resolution (2160p) and they look impressive. Microsoft has also included HDR, the most recent innovation in image technology, but currently, not many games are compatible. Regarding the design of the new console, we can say that is 40 percent smaller, measuring 295 x 230 x 64mm, and it weights 2.9 Kg, with 600 grams less than the Xbox One.

Microsoft has changed the color of the Xbox One S, switching from black to white with black accents. The console can stand vertically and has the power supply built in likewise Sony’s PS4. Inside, the console has the same octa core AMD Jaguar processor running at 1.75GHz, but the GPU clock-speed is 7.1 percent faster (boosted to 914Mhz from 853Mhz). The AMD Radeon chip is rated at 1.4 TFLOP, which is a small improvement over 1.31 TFLOP.

The Xbox One S arrived in three variants of internal storages: 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Fans in the UK who are interested to buy either the 500GB or the 1TB variant will pay £30 less (£219.99 and £269.99, respectively), thanks to Microsoft’s decision to temporarily cut their price. The promo includes freebies such as Forza Horizon 3 game and a battery hatch for the 500GB model, and Gears of War 4 game + battery hatch for the 1TB model.

The deal will end on January 15.