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Those who have been keeping tabs on Sony should know that ever since November, the manufacturer came up with an Android build it referred to as Concept, and the point behind it was to provide users with a more stable Android experience while also moving closer towards the original Android flavor.

A couple of more updates to the firmware have surfaced since, with the Xperia X exclusive continuing to intrigue. The big news is what comes next. Very recently, a new update came through that surely will make a lot of Sony customers very happy. The new Xperia X Concept firmware has received a new build which is based on none other than Google’s Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system. This is fantastic news if you take into consideration the fact that every single manufacturer in town is fighting to get the latest Google OS version onto their devices, to boost not only their productivity but also their value.

Meanwhile, Sony manages to sneak on up on its competitors and release this Android 7.1.1 based firmware to its Xperia X clientele. Granted, it’s not a wide public release and you can only get the Concept firmware if you have an Xperia X device, but from a statistical point of view, Sony is now the second smartphone producer to have received the 7.1.1 firmware. The first one was of course Google itself, with the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets.

One thing to take into consideration however is the fact that, in order to get access to the 7.1.1 build, you need the Experimental Update feature. This is selected when installing the Concept firmware in the first place. With no other news on when 7.1.1 will roll out for other user categories, all we can do is enjoy the Xperia X Concept OS and wait for more goodies.