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There are lots of rumors surrounding the release date of iPad Pro 2 in the market. Reports state that it might come as early as March or April this year. This is due to the fact that Apple likes to release new software with a new hardware model. Well, here are the latest updates.

It can be recalled that iPad Pro 12.9 was released in September 2015. This product came with a big 12.9-inch screen, making such a huge impact to the iPad line with the introduction of a Pencil stylus and a powerful processor.

Release Date

It has been more than a year now since the release of the iPad Pro, but the iPad Pro 9.7 came out quick in 2016. Since the demand for new tablets these days is not that high as of the moment, the iPad Pro 2 might come later than expected because of this.

Based from previous releases, this next launch might come in March 2017. However, there might be some delays on its release this year. One of the reasons include the lower yields on the chips being manufactured by TSMC.

Design Features

According to the latest leaks, the iPad Pro 2 will have a slimmer and lighter slate. At the same time, it will be waterproof. The only thing missing in this update is the headphone port.

Apple might release a lighter a slimmer model, which the company often does when releasing new models. This could benefit the bigger model, as the iPad Pro 12.9 weighs in at 713g.

However, it could get thicker, but with a smaller footprint. This was due to claims that a new 10.9-inch model would have the same width and length as the iPad Pro 9.7. It might just be a bit thicker at 7.5mm.

Screen Features

It is anticipated that the screen will have 3 sizes, a True Tone display, and Fingerprint scanner that has been built into the screen. Thus, the iPad Pro 2 will be available in 12.9, 9.5, and 10.5-inch versions. However, there are rumors that claim about the 10.9-inch model instead of the 10.5-inch version.

Camera and Battery Features

Basically, the iPad Pro 2 will have a bigger battery. At the same time, it will have a 12MP rear camera that goes with 5MP front-facing shooter. Well, this could be the least expectation about the device.

The resolution might not be modified on the new model, as the iPad Pro 9.7 already has upgraded cameras from its predecessor, the iPad Pro 12.9. It might even bring the larger lens of the iPhone 7 or the dual lens on the iPhone 7 Plus to the iPad Pro 2.

Operating System and Power

The iPad Pro 2 will have a powerful A10X processor that goes with its iOS 10 and 4GB or RAM. The latest software upgrade iOS 10 includes huge improvements to Siri. As a new iPad model, it will have a new processor, but it sticks to the A10X chip. Thus, it should be a more powerful device in comparison to the iPad Pro.

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