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With two years passed since we last got an iPad Air tablet, it is understandable how fans of this particular Apple product line would be a little anxious to know more about the release of the iPad Air 3. It looks like they could catch a lucky break.

Word is that Apple will be treating its users with new tablets in the near future. To be more exact, a March release date is expected for multiple Apple tablets. People can’t help but speculate that the iPad Air 3 is among the releases.

It is said that the star of the show in March will be the iPad Mini 5. The fifth installment in the series will apparently debut alongside a new series of iPad Pro tablets. The latter will be available in 9.7 inch, 10.9 inch and 12.9 inch versions, meaning that a larger customer base will be covered.

Curious what the iPad Air 3 will pack? It looks like those purchasing the device will be able to enjoy 3 GB of RAM and up to 32 GB of internal storage. The processing power will be ensured by an Apple A9 chip, while the screen will provide 4K capabilities. There are also some that are saying that a 3.5 mm Jack port will be present on the design.

While some specifications are already spread across the internet, there are still many things to uncover about the much anticipated tablet. There is also a lack of information regarding what version of Apple’s iOS operating system will be present on it. With iOS 10.2 out and iOS 10.2.1 currently testing on the beta platform, we will have to see which gets a place on Apple’s latest tablet efforts. While some are looking exclusively at the iPad Air 3, a lot of people are more excited about the new iPad Pros and iPad Mini 5.