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The success of GTA 5 Online and GTA 5 in general made it so that no one was doubting the fact that a new update was coming in 2017. However, not many were expecting one to drop that soon. As you can tell by now, a new update has hit the servers, bringing more quality content to the already stacked GTA installment. Let’s take a look at what the GTA community will be able to do in this new update.

First of all, let it be known that Rockstar also jammed the Import/Export expansion into this update, make it that much cooler. For those who don’t know, the Import/Export update deals with the theft and re-selling of exotic vehicles. Once stolen, the vehicles can either be turned into scrap and sold, or customized with aftermarket parts before getting a ton of market value and increasing profits that way. Recovered exotic cars can also be turned in to the police for a juicy reward. Players will have to watch out not just for police, but also for other players.

Getting back to our update, players will get access to a brand new motorcycle called Pegassi FCR 1000. The way Rockstar officials put it, this bike is meant to appeal to both oldschool bikers and new age hipsters. The new addition to the bike collection is a nice way to celebrate the new game mode which is called Vehicle Vendetta, where two teams have to do vehicular combat while using various boosts. Each boost has its own effect and the way these are combined makes for spectacular gameplay. Those who play the new game mode will also receive double RP and GTA $, which is a very nice touch.

On the same note, Rockstar is going “super generous mode” on its players with a triple pay-out for  Racing Alley, the new premium race available. All 27 stunt tracks will pay out more than usual as well.

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