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If you’re a beta tester for Google Maps, you probably already know that version 9.43 for beta is now available. If you don’t, or if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’ll want to give it a try ASAP and take a look at the changes it brings.

For one thing, this recent beta Google Maps update has removed the notification setting for “Adding your photos”. As Android Police points out, it’s not yet clear if this setting has been combined with another or if the app has completely let go of this notification. Either way, you won’t see this toggle option anymore when you get the beta 9.43 version.

Another change involves bookings notifications, which can be found in the People and Places section of the Google Maps app. If you turn this setting on, you’ll be able to receive updates when establishments near you are accepting bookings. You might be hesitant to use this service because of its spam potential, but there’s no need to worry since it’s actually connected with the new “Reserve with Google” service.

This allows people to make reservations directly through Google Maps, which is hugely beneficial since there’s no need to open a separate app or go to a business’s website to book a spot. As of the moment, the service is focused solely fitness and wellness classes (to help those who have made health-related New Year’s resolutions) and is available only in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco’s Bay Area.

The new beta Google Maps update also gives you the ability to make a home screen shortcut for the My Contributions screen. Simply tap on the menu overflow button at the right or on the banner above the Contribute tab to create the shortcut. With this shortcut on your home screen, you’ll find it easier to help improve Google Maps and make it more factual and accurate.

You can either wait for Google to push the 9.43 beta update to your device within a few days or get the new version now by downloading and installing the APK. If you’re not yet a beta tester for Google Maps, you can become one by signing up here.