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We’ve all purchased things we ended up regretting be it a new TV or a pair of socks but as they are physical items you could just return them from where they were purchased with no difficulty to get a full refund. What can you do when you’ve made a digital purchase though? Be it an app which you’ve had high expectations from or an album that didn’t match to the hype. We are here to shed some light on how to get a full refund on your digital purchases.

If you do happen to purchase something that you want to refund immediately do bear in mind that you only have two hours of time to do so. First of all you’ll need to open the Google Play Store app and tap the three horizontal lines which are to be found at the top left of your screen in order to open the menu.

Secondly, open your Account page and check your Order history. Normally, you’ll be able to find all of your purchases since you’ve begun using Google Play and find the app from which you want to receive a full refund. You’ll just have to tap the Refund button and the app will be uninstalled.

Your hard earned money will then be instantly refunded back to your account and a notification e-mail will be sent with the title Canceled next to the app in your Order history. If you haven’t managed to ask for a Refund within the first two hours of the purchase do not falter as it is possible to ask for it within 48 hours via a request form on your browser while explaining that you want your money back.