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When it comes to downloading mobile apps and games in Android phones, Google Play Store is the go-to place. Also an app in itself, Google Play Store is an integral part of keeping smartphones secure since it scans apps not only before installation, but also, after it is downloaded on the phone. Moreover, it performs continuous scanning for malware and notifies user of threat is identified.

For first time users of Google Play Store, the thousands of apps available can sometimes be confusing. For a certain game, there are several mobile apps available and most of them are malware. However, downloading apps from the Play Store is not that complicated.

Downloading Apps from Google Play Store

If you know the app you are looking for, it is easy to search and download it using the app categories, such as Family, Photography, Comics and a long list of choices. First, open the Play Store icon from your Android smartphone or tablet Home Screen. Next, type in the keyword of the app you want to install. Once you see the appropriate app, click on it and tap the install button to start downloading. The icon of the app will automatically be on your home screen or under the category of the app, say, Reading, Games or Media.

There are two types of downloadable apps: free and paid. Free apps are popular since users need not pay upfront. However, most of these apps do not have access to the entire content while free game apps also requires you to pay or purchase to enjoy the games to the maximum. Paid apps, on the other hand, entails expenses since you need to pay for the app before you can download it.

If you want to install a paid app, simply tap the price of the app found below the icon to see the payment options. You can then choose your preferred payment method.

Google Play Store update is already available in APK version.

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