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According to reports, Supercell is planning to bring a new end game to Clash Royale, but without a new arena. Fans had enough of the repetitive games, although it wasn’t Supercell’s intention to be repetitive, but something good is about to happen, because Star Wars will introduce a character in Clash Royale.

Many online games tend to become repetitive and the players get bored and abandon them. Clash Royale seems to be facing the same problem, because the developers have added arenas after arenas, which made the game become repetitive. This will not happen again, but it doesn’t mean that the Clash Royale development team has taken a break from working on new updates.

A Reddit user claims that someone from the development team revealed that Supercell wants to bring a new end game to Clash Royale, but it will be hard to do it without adding another arena and repeat the same mistake. Whenever Supercell has released new content creation for the game, the players progressed too fast. Blizzard dealt with the same situation with its World of Warcraft, as the game was completed with ease every time the developers brought fresh content.

Other Reddit users believe that the game may not get any new updates very soon because the developers are on a vacation after delivering the recent holiday patch update. Also, gamers may not receive new trophies or events either.

On the other hand, the Star Wars: Force Arena in-game has been reportedly released for Clash Royale and every leader character comes with special abilities. For example, Boba Fett puts in 12% more damage, it has the Missile Strike ability, it uses a jetpack to fly over obstacles and it attacks with a flamethrower. In addition, leaders come with unique cards and they will be used in decks.

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