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Both console manufacturers raked in some amazing money as stated by them this holiday season and it doesn’t come as a surprise as they’ve benefited from huge discounts which have made people consider them top holiday gifts.

Sony has stated Wednesday that they’ve sold over 6.2 million PlayStation 4 units around the world in the November 20th and January 1st interval, as the count for units sold rose to 53.4 million ever since its debut on the market in 2013. Considering this amazing number, reports have it that PlayStation 4 compatible games saw an amazing 50.4 million units sold. The MVP was Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with over 8.7 million units sold.

Considering its competition, Microsoft has not revealed how many Xbox One units were sold but they’ve stated that online gamers on Xbox Live racked in a whopping 3.9 billion hours in November and December alone. This counts as a 23 per cent increase to the same period in 2015. They’ve even stated an even more impressive achievement which consists of 400 new titles being released last year.

The competition between consoles is for a long time between Microsoft and Sony while other manufacturers like Nintendo are still trying to make its way to the top. Let’s just hope that Nintendo Switch will change this statistic to make the battle more interesting.

This increase in sales is partly due some aggressive marketing campaigns lead by the two tech giants as they’ve offered discounts such as game and console bundles which could be bought for as low as $250 despite marketing analysts believing this tactic was to increase their popularity rather than profits.