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One of the things to make Blizzard stand out from the rest of other major game producers is the fact that Blizzard enjoys parodying other games in its widely popular World of Warcraft game. Starting form Battletoads and going to Bioshock: Infinite, but now it looks like the upcoming 7.1.5 patch is going to include an event that’s based around fighting a team of thieves which is made from Overwatch inspired characters.

Right now, the patch is still in the testing phase on the public test realm but dataminers were able to find information about the upcoming Overwatch characters. Blizzard will give players the options to enter the Brawler’s Guild mode and fight against certain enemies in an arena. This time, players will be faced against the team of thieves called Ogrewatch which contains a bunch of Ovewatch based characters.


  • Hudson

This enemy is a Hozen which is a monkey race in the Warcraft world and it’s obviously inspired by Overwatch’s Winston and not only because it’s a monkey but also because it uses a jetpack, barrier shield and throws lighting around.

  • Dupree

A human race cowboy that wields a revolver in one hand, it’s pretty clear who he is based on. The character also has McCree’s ultimate skill “Dead Eye”.

  • Stuffshrew

This one is a maniac goblin that throws bombs around and laughs hysterically, sounds familiar? Yes this is Junkrat.

This won’t be the only characters to be introduced in the Ogrewatch team, dataminers have also found information about four other Overwatch inspired characters: Boargut (Roadhog), Blinker (Tracer), Steigardt (Reihardt) and Render (Reaper).