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Google Chrome is considered by many as being the fastest and safest browser out there. We’ve come up with some tricks and tips to make sure you enjoy an even faster browsing experience to save you more time as it’s the most valuable resource out there.

Add some Bookmarks

If one opens a new tab in Google Chrome a Bookmarks bar will appear somewhere below the address bar where URLs are typed. You can add bookmarks to save some time when you have more than one favorite website by clicking the Star icon next to it. The newly created bookmark will appear whenever a new window is opened.

Add some Shortcuts

Instead of searching something on Google for information which is available on other websites, as it is for social media websites like Twitter in order for you to see the latest tweets of people who you follow, type “twitter $AAPL” in your search box and will directly send you to Twitter’s search menu.

To add this feature to Chrome go into its settings then click on manage search engines. In this dialogue box you’ll have to add the shortcut via other search engines and set a keyword that will trigger it.

The next step is putting in the URL with %s in place of the query as it will replace the $AAPL in the URL with %s. Copy and paste that URL into the specific textbox and you are all set. If you happen to lose these settings via a forced close of Google Chrome remember that you have the option of re-opening closed tabs with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T.

These tips and shortcuts are surely to save your time and will make Google Chrome’s browsing experience much smoother and easier.

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