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A lot of people are waiting for the official announcement to be made by Microsoft for its next Surface Pro. However, the Surface Pro 5 might not be released yet until the spring of 2017. Here are some essential updates that you should know.

Release Date

Accordingly, Microsoft was able to launch its predecessor in October 2015. Thus, the possible date of the new model was supposedly on October 2016. However, the new Surface hardware release at the Windows Event in October was only limited to the Surface Studio and the Surface Book i7. Therefore, 2017 might just be the year the new Surface Pro 5 will be released.

Moreover, the next big update for Windows 10, which is called the Creators Update, will not happen until the spring of 2017. For this reason, many were led to speculate that the Surface hardware would not be released until then.

Spec Rumors

There were leaked information that the new Surface will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 635 processor. This is instead of the expected Intel Kaby Lake chip. Accordingly, it will have a longer battery life with the addition of the LTE features for a much better mobile connectivity.

The Surface Pen is one bundled with the Surface Pro tablets. Thus, in this new update, it will be updated in order to have a battery that can be charged wirelessly, when attached to the tablet. The current Surface Pen can be attached magnetically, but not rechargeable, because it uses AAAA battery.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro 5 is going to have the latest generation of Intel processor. According to some, this will be the 6th generation Sky Lake chip, but others say that it will be the next generation codenamed Kaby Lake. However, in another view, the Pro 5 will be switching to the Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip for a better battery life.

Moreover, the Surface Pro 5 will come with a 2K screen, but those who want to spend for the best experience can get the 4K model. Additionally, there might be an upgrade to increase the previous capacity of the RAM to 16GB.

In addition to the tons of upgrades, the USB port is also getting a modification. This will be the first to have the USB-C port, which should be a lot better than the USB 3.0 port from its predecessor the Surface Pro 4. The USB-C port can also be used as a charging port, but unlike the proprietary charging connector that is quite annoying.

Other Updates

The Surface Pro 5 update is expected to feature an Ultra HD display, aside from the magnetic stylus that has wireless charging capabilities. According to sources, an early launch for the system in 2017 will really make sense, particularly when the rumors regarding the update for Windows 10, which is expected to come in March. However, Microsoft still needs to confirm the rumors and reports. Therefore, the expected release date of the Surface Pro 5 is not yet confirmed at this point.