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The recent weeks have been a hiatus in terms of game updates and development and that includes the hit game from Niantic, Pokémon Go. The game saw its last major update just before Christmas and players eventually started getting bored of what the game has to offer as of now.

Niantic has previously stated that they are looking to go forward with their ambitious project but 2017 caught them off guard in terms of their player base. No worries though because they’ve dropped off some major hints regarding the future of Pokemon Go.

A new mail was rumored to have been sent by Niantic with another update lurking above us, which is scheduled to hit within a few weeks. There was a small reference to Professor Willow which tends to make us think that new Pokémon will be released this month. The Professor himself might hand you in a new Pokedex and new Pocket Monsters are scheduled to launch in bunches being regarded as some small events.

Players are becoming easily bored as they’ve filled up their Pokémon rosters but Niantic assures us there will be new Pokémon to acquire with reach. No news about the release of legendary Pokémon as of now since they have been totally absent from the game since its launch.

Some believe that these legendary Pokémon will make their grand entrance somewhere around early summer as releasing them mid-winter will mean a total mess from Niantic. As temperatures rise, so will the drive of players to leave their homes and start exploring once again.

A spring release for Legendary Pokémon is the best choice considering Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno are basically birds, which by the way announce the coming of Spring.