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Minecraft’s developer Mojang is surely making bank these days as it announced they’ve managed to sell over 25 million units of the ever so popular game on desktop PCs alone. They are also working around the clock to standardize Minecraft’s experience on devices such as PC, mobile and console.

Michael Stoyke, Minecraft’s developer, recently tweeted this astonishing feat despite the fact that the MMORPG World of Warcraft still tops in sales if one is to include all of its expansions. This feat was made public only regarding PC devices as the number of total sales was not released to the general public. We do believe however it’s at least twice that number.

They haven’t seen such success since the release of Pocket Edition way back in 2011 as it has outsold PC versions of Minecraft in most countries. They are not half bad when it comes to console releases either in places such as Latin America and Europe considering the fact that over 100 million copies were sold on all devices as stated by US Gamer.

They have to improve however on Apple devices as the release of their Pocket Edition on Apple’s devices which is commonly referred as Minecraft Apple TV Edition didn’t rake in as much profit as they’ve wanted to as it is required for users to own a gamepad as Siri Remote doesn’t support the game.

The Apple TV Edition is no different from the normal one as it does not offer any exclusive features or something new to the table but Mojang has announced that they are working on official service for setting it up, running private servers as well as support for singing in to Xbox Live.