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Considering the free update to Windows 10 ended a long time ago people are getting their hopes down of receiving it again with the removal of the GWX tool despite all the other updates working. Do not falter because we’ve come with a way of upgrading your Windows to the latest version by following these simple tips.

Ever since July 30 2016 the upgrade notification ceased to exist as the GWX app completely disappeared as in theory Microsoft expected for users who haven’t taken this opportunity to pay for an upgrade. This was not the case however because you can freely upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 following these tips.

All you have to do is to visit Windows 10’s download page and click Download tool now. After this is finished open the Media Creation Tool. Choose the Upgrade this PC now option and just simply follow the prompts the installer offers you in order to complete the upgrade. You will not be required to provide a product activation key and after the upgrade has finished installing just go confirm it by going to the Activation menu which is to be found in settings under update and security.

If you desire to format the device don’t panic as you will not lose the product license as it is automatically activated after each install. You are pretty much set to enjoy the latest version of Windows with all of its features. As your piece of software is marked as genuine you will receive upgrades from Microsoft free of charge. Bear In mind that Microsoft is most likely to patch this flaw in their system and make sure you upgrade your device as soon as possible.