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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro owners are in for a treat as Blizzard’s popular Diablo 3 game is now available to be ran on it since not long ago. Diablo 3 received the 1.15 patch which also adds an Anniversary dungeon to the game but the main feature however is it enables running it on PlayStation 4 Pro.

The patch notes do not tell us much but they state 4K support was embedded into the game without specifying an exact resolution on which is running. Diablo 3 fans should however notice a big improvement in graphic quality and image depth even though they run the game on a 1080p setup, if you are playing on Sony’s PlayStation 4 that is.

This new dungeon is simply recreating some of the classic Diablo 1’s levels which are a great addition for fans who also enjoy the other games from Blizzard’s hit trilogy and it is available for a limited time. If one wishes to enjoy some novelty make sure to clear those dungeons before it will become unavailable since it’s scheduled to end by the end of this month.

Blizzard’s hit game is enjoying huge success and still keeps its players loyal to the franchise for many years on end as Diablo is one of the most important titles in the gaming industry. Ever since its release it attracted millions of fans worldwide and it seems they are not going to stop playing it.

Diablo 3 is available to play on a plethora of devices such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and its Pro version, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC and Mac.