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Adobe Flash Player is a tough nut to crack when installing it on software such as Android. It still has a thing or two to say on the internet as it enables users to play all moving content such as online games, videos and advertisements. Making it available on Android will not come easy but there is a way and we are here to explain how to do it.

Android cut its support for Adobe Flash Player since its 11.1 version and you will be required to use a third party browser in order to run it. A lot of websites claim that they will let you download an APK package which will automatically install Flash Player on your device but bear in mind that is not possible and will result in getting Malware installed instead. We’ve come up with a safe way to install Adobe Flash player on your Android device in a few easy steps by using the app below which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

The easiest way to do so is by downloading the Puffin Browser which regularly receives updates to support the latest versions of Adobe Flash and it also has some tricks up its sleeve like emulating a mouse and arrow keys to produce a desktop PC browsing experience.

Puffin runs by rendering Flash Player content in cloud and that might prove to be a little clustered as videos will lose some their sharpness and framerates. To avoid getting the same results one is advised to downgrade Flash quality straight from the browser settings.

Being free to download and working in most circumstance, Puffin Browser is the best choice if you desire to run Adobe Flash Player on an Android device.