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Coming as the biggest surprise at the Consumer Electronics Show when it comes to the TV market, Sony have presented their innovations when it comes to an all new OLED TV lineup. They were planning to do so for a long time and now the perfect chance to unveil three devices that go beyond everybody’s expectations rose at CES.

These new A1E OLED devices are to be found in three size variants, including 77, 65 and 55 inches models. They will all feature the brilliant Sony Z1 Extreme 4K HDR processing system which is present for some time in Sony’s flagship TVs.

Sony’s Triluminos system will also feature on these devices as it will digitally enhance color depth and accuracy along with its 4K X-Reality Pro engine which will upscale non-4K content from whatever source it is emitted from.

As OLED TVs tend to get slimmer and slimmer as years go by, Sony’s introduced an outstanding feature to its A1Es which goes by the name of Acoustic Surface Technology. It makes the sound resonate and gives viewers the impression that it comes from the screen itself.

Staying in the same boat, they’ve adopted support for Dolby Vision HDR format with HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma systems. It will have a high price tag considering all this state of the art technology but it is worth it as it confines a more than immersive experience.

With the addition of these three models, Sony is playing in their own league leaving competitors which include the likes of Samsung and Panasonic looking isolated. One of the factors why Sony received great acclaim this year at CES is that its competitors still refuse to include Dolby Vision support in their devices.

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