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Back in August, Google released Android 7.0 Nougat. The new firmware was received with much acclaim as it brought new features and cool functionalities for devices that were lucky enough to get the update. The question on everyone’s lips was of course, “when does my device get Android Nougat ?”. No response for this question came for the longest time, so people were stuck on the previous version of Android while the Nexus devices were enjoying the latest build and its features.

Things only got worse for non-Google handsets, as the aforementioned company came out with the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, packing Android 7.1 Nougat right out the box. By this time, top manufacturers such as Samsung and LG were really anxious to get the latest firmware as their customers were blowing down their necks in anticipation.

The problem with getting Android Nougat is that the firmware seems to be moving forward for only a handful of device while every other handset is left behind. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users that were given the opportunity to update their phones to the latest Android experience were delighted to finally get a taste of Nougat. That is, of course, the ones that managed to receive the update. All the other Samsung users as well as LG users are still waiting for a release date at the very least. The wait could be a lot easier to endure if they’d know when it was going to be over.

There were several isolated cases of Android 7.1 on non-Pixel devices, but it could be the start to a more massive release. Some are predicting that people will be getting Android 7.1 when Pixel devices will receive Android 7.2, or whatever the next iteration will be called. There is no word on that yet, so the wait continues for most manufacturers and their users.

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