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Nintendo Switch is one of the most anticipated releases coming in 2017. The brand new Nintendo console promises a major boost in terms of gaming experience thanks to its innovative concept. For those not yet familiar with Nintendo Switch, the console will be used as a regular home entertainment device, similar to an Xbox or a PlayStation. However, when the time to leave the house comes, you can take it with you by undocking the main device and using it as a portable console. The main perk behind this system is that you can take your games with you on the road and continue playing from right where you left off at home.

Speaking of games, many are curious as to what they can actually play on the Switch. There’s no point in having a fancy device if you won’t be able to play anything on it. The games prepared for the console are not yet disclosed and unfortunately it looks like people will have to wait until the March release to find out what they can play in terms of third party games. The wide selection of in-house games that will be made available however is pretty compelling.


The popularity of Pokemon beyond doubt, as the franchise manages to bring in massive amounts of people still. In 2016, with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon and also Pokemon GO, the augmented reality mobile game that the world went crazy over, that popularity skyrocketed. It looks like a Pokemon title will also be made available for Switch. Since no actual footage of a Switch Pokemon game was found, many anticipate an HD remaster of Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Mario is probably the most iconic franchise not only for Nintendo, but for gaming in general. It would be unwise to release a new console without including the beloved Italian hero into the mix. Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart 8 are two titles that will apparently be available for Switch although it is yet unknown how many or if other titles will follow.

Super Smash Bros

The popular fighting game turned E-Sport will also be available for Switch, since it’s another major seller for Nintendo.