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Google is renowned for being the creator of the widely popular Android operating system but Google is also the parent of Chrome. The internet browser is regarded as being the best right now and this can be seen in its huge active user base. Chrome is not just the most popular device, it’s actually the fastest one but it can be pushed even more. Today we will present readers with a few tips and tricks which can help them reach Chrome’s true potential.

While enhancing the browser’s performance might sound difficult, it’s actually not. All of this can be done through Chrome’s Flags which are basically experimental features. Chrome users first need to access the secret Flags menu by accessing “chrome://flags”.

Easy Reading

This feature puts Chrome up to par with iOS 9 Safari’s improved Reader mode. One of the experimental features that can be found in Chrome’s flags is “Reader Mode”. This can be activated by searching for “Reader Mode Triggering” in the flags menu and switching it from “Default” to “Always”. Now whenever users open up a page they will have the option to make the webpage more mobile-friendly.

Offline Pages

One great feature Chrome brings to the table is that users can save pages offline. This feature comes in quite handy especially when users see an article that they are interested in and they can’t read it in that moment.  After the “offline pages mode” will be enabled, every time users bookmark a page it will be saved and stored in Menu – Saved Page. What’s even better is that the page will be entirely saved meaning that pictures or videos will load as well.