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Four months ago, Chrome users were promised that starting January 2017, the web browser will mark HTTP websites as “not secure”. Since September, all new beta versions of Google’s Internet browser have warned users about some HTTP connections, which were found insecure. The latest Chrome Beta 56 version is 56.0.2924.23 and it just arrived for Android.

Google hasn’t published the changelog for Chrome Beta 56 (56.0.2924.23), so we don’t know if there are any new features, but most likely, the Chromium team will offer more details about the changes in this build in the Git log. What we can tell you is that Google is making preparations for the final version of Chrome 56, which is expected to be released in the next days. The new feature that all users are waiting for will label HTTP connections as being insecure and the warning will appear in the left corner of the URL bar. The warning will not be very distracting, but large enough to be noticed by users, and it will appear only when they will visit non-encrypted websites that collect sensitive info such as passwords, credit card numbers and other personal details.

Google has thought about making non-encrypted sites as insecure in 2015, and it made some changes to the UI, but the idea was dropped because webmasters needed more time to transition their websites to an encrypted format. A month ago, Google’s browser received Web Bluetooth support, which allowed websites to connect to other devices via Bluetooth, but the developers had to use some JavaScript code to implement the feature. Moreover, a new CSS command was introduced in the previous Chrome Beta – “position: sticky”, which gave developers the possibility to put certain website elements in a fixed position. Lastly, the browser received a new Remote Playback API and WebVR API and the Image Capture origin trial has been improved.