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If you were wondering when BlackBerry would come out with something new, the answer is right now. The latest device from the once staple mobile phone manufacturer is codenamed Mercury on the internet and looks very promising for most people. During CES 2017, BlackBerry showcased its handset for a restricted audience, igniting the hype for this new phone.

BalckBerry Mercury is looking to impress both contemporary smartphone users and oldschool QWERTY keyboard devices. Unlike the keyboards of old, this one supports capacitive touch gestures, making it the perfect combination between old and new. Unlike the devices BlackBerry has attempted to regain market recognition in the recent past, Mercury will be a top tier flagship which will directly compete with what Samsung, Apple or Google have to offer.

Here’s the interesting part: BlackBerry quit making their own devices last year. The Curve manufacturer teamed up with a company called TCL to bring new devices to the market. The first fruits of this partnership are the two models released in 2016, namely DTEK60 and DTEK50. Those weren’t exactly new however, since they were Alcatel rebranded handsets. TCL also makes smartphones for Alcatel, so that’s how that came to be.

It will be interesting to see how this device impacts the smartphone industry, and if BlackBerry will be able to make a grand return to the top of charts. We have seen the company struggle time and time again in the past as it didn’t handle the transition from physical keyboards to digital ones well at all. BlackBerry Mercury looks like the perfect solution for the company’s problem. This way no one has to compromise since the QWERTY keyboard is enhanced with touch gesture recognition. This means that people might find it easier to get used to.