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Google has received a lot of complaints recently from users who are not able to view Flash Player content on their Nexus 7 devices. They are no longer supported on Google Chrome and neither they nor Adobe are looking to make things right by adding some flash support to future versions of Android.

We’ve come up with a few tips on how to run Adobe Flash content on your Nexus 7.

If you are not familiar which types of files are running under Adobe Flash Player the most common ones include the likes of VP8, MPEG-4, H.264, FLAC, AAC, WAVE and MIDI. If you happen to have files which are under other extensions make sure to convert them to one of these in order for them to be run by Flash. We highly recommend using high video settings of files stored in an MP4 format paired with appropriate codecs.

A pre-installed video converter is also some advice that should be taken into account as you can change its setting via a menu in order to get the most of your videos. First of all you’ll need to add flash support to the device. That’s done by going to the settings menu and enabling your device to install apps from unknown sources and download the Adobe Flash Play 11.1 apk .
Once you’ve done that make sure to download Firefox Beta browser and change its settings to allow it to run Flash as it is disabled by default.

Once you’ve done that you are pretty much set to run any Adobe Flash Player content that you desire. Adobe Flash Player is likely to be taken out from all devices as it encountered some important vulnerability issues and major software developers have already made their transition to HTML 5 which runs smoother and has a higher security.