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WhatsApp is surely getting more popular thanks to the new Video Calling addition. Today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp BETA version that has been released for Android devices, which is 2.17.2.

Unfortunately, the new WhatsApp BETA version doesn’t come with any new features or options, which means that the developers have worked on improving the stability of the application and they’ve fixed other issues that the users have reported. We remind you that two viruses are now being spread with the help of the WhatsApp application and the developers are now trying to find a way to block them before more users get infected.

There are also rumors which are suggesting that the WhatsApp application will receive the Video Calling Conference feature sometime in 2017. The developers have not confirmed this feature yet, but we remind you that they were mum regarding the Video Calling feature, when rumors have started to appear all over the internet. Rumors say that The Video Calling Conference will allow you to video call simultaneously two or more friends at the same time and talking with all of them at the same time. This is an awesome feature, especially if you have many common friends or family members on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Version 2.17.2 BETA For Android: Features

  • The application is totally FREE;
  • Ability to make free Voice and Video Calls;
  • Ability to log into your WhatsApp account on a computer via the WhatsApp Web feature;
  • Ability to be always logged in and receive notifications as soon as you receive new messages;
  • Ability to create Group Chats and invite your friends in it;
  • No international charges;
  • Offline messages.

The WhatsApp application has evolved a lot since it was purchased by Facebook back in 2014 for $19 billion. Even if not all the new features were accepted by the fans, it seems that the application is now doing better than ever and there are more and more people who are installing it as we speak.