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If you happen to own an iPhone or any other smartphone for that matter you’ll find yourself having the same feature an iPod offers with some extra perks like being able to text someone or make some phone calls. If you gather up all the costs which come from the device’s maintenance and the tariff you are using you’ll end up spending a lot more money that one wishes to do.

Good thing that VoIP apps such as Viber exists which enable you to make phone calls, deliver voice messages, texts and even video calling without having to pay a dime. The only impediment of using such an app is that the receiver must use the same app as well in order for you to get in touch with them.

This might be true but all that Viber needs to function is the app itself and a stable internet connection, no configuration is needed and no need to come up with a list of contacts. When you dial a call using Viber you make use of your phone number and recipient’s one as well.

Viber is a great way to save some money when making calls. There are some problems however like the sound quality not appealing to everyone and those random disconnects in the middle of a call but you cannot complain as the app is completely free and works wonders most of the time.

The new 6.5.6 brought some new and interesting features including the likes of instant video messaging where you can send 30-second recorded videos. Another important feature is some redesigned emoticons which will color and personalize chats with their fresh look and last but definitely not least the ability to create large group chat consisting of over 250 people who can tag along.