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Samsung is a versatile smartphone manufacturer that in recent years has tried to come out with multiple solutions for more than one client category. While it has gained rapid popularity in the smartphone industry due to its great but otherwise pricy flagship devices, Samsung has been trying to provide low budget or mid-range handsets for people that want some cool features but can’t afford to pay the full price of a flagship. The price differences are as visible as they can be, with a device like the Galaxy A5 2016 going for about $420.

That’s still not cheap but it’s a lot better than $670, which you would pay for a Galaxy S7. You can get cheaper devices from Samsung and as of later this year pricier ones too, but today we’ll be looking at what these two have to offer, and then you’ll hopefully be able to decide if the price difference combined with the available features is enough for you to pick one or the either.


The Galaxy A5 comes with a 5.2 inch screen that uses Super AMOLED technology and offers a max resolution of 1920 x 1080. On the other side we have 5.1 inch Galaxy S7 display, which offers a far greater resolution of 2560 x 1440. Other than that, both ensure protection through Gorilla Glass 4.


It is obvious that the S7 would be superior since it costs a lot more, but just how superior is it ? Well, if you’re going for the current Samsung flagship, you’ll get an Exynos 8 processor and a Mali T880 GPU. The internal storage provided is 32 GB. The Galaxy A5 comes with only half that capacity and in terms of hardware offers a Snapdragon 615 courtesy of Qualcomm and Adreno’s 405 GPU.

While the basic principle of “more money gets you a better phone” applies here, it is up to you to decide whether the extra kick is enough to justify buying the more expensive Samsung phone, or if the A5 has enough juicy to make going for the cheaper unit the smart choice.

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